Temple Run 2 Latest APK v1.45.3 for Android Free Download Added on Jun 14, 2016

Name: Temple Run 2 Developer: Imangi Studios Category: Action
Version: 1.45.3 Updated: Mar 08, 2018 Downloads: 142


Temple Run 2 latest APK has been released by its developers and free download links are available for download from different servers. Basically Temple Run 2 game available at several Android app stores. It is always available at worlds largest android app store Google Play. It is a sequel of the original Temple Run although a lot more improved in the graphics as well. Temple Run 2 has wonderful and beautiful graphics with amazingly built caves, it has straight roads through forests and temples through where the player has to run in order to escape from the mighty monkey beast that follows him as the game begins. However the Player basically has stolen a cursed idol from the temple and the Evil Monkey wishes to retrieve it from him. The player has to evade this by running through different setups in the play. In the process of running the player slides underneath branches of huge trees, jumps over rocks and remains of roots and stems of trees and also steer his way through mines and such. Playing Temple Run 2 on your Android phone or tablet is really easy. When you start playing, the player starts running by default and you have to tilt your device for the player to get to the right or left side of the road accordingly. Tilting basically is for moving horizontally. For sliding under branches you have to swipe down and for jumping over rocks and others you have to swipe up, for turning right on a corner you have to swipe right and for left you have to swipe left. The player has to collect coins as he runs across the terrains. By collecting a lot of coins the player can purchase boosters and such from the in app store. These boosters can boost up the speed of the player running. Can gain the player extra lives if he has lost his life to the Evil Monkey. Although losing a life in the middle of the game especially when you have gone far in the game gets really on your nerves at times but the experience is worth it too. If you have played Temple Run, getting along Temple Run 2 is going to be really easy. The all new Temple run 2 is now equipped with new obstacles, more features to get powered up. The new Temple Run 2 has more and better achievements that pays for your time and patience in playing the game. You can download temple run 2 APK from below download links. The download links are free and cleaned by dangerous viruses.

Temple Run 2
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