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The latest and full APK of Google Earth has been released by its developers and it is available on different android app stores. Google Earth is always used for viewing different maps via satellite. You can discover 3D structures including buildings, constructions, natural and man-made with a single click, on your phone. You can visit unknown places which you have never gone in dreams. You can view any place of the world by entering place name. You can add your own places on Google Earth map. With this feature you don’t need to visit your favorite places in person, just use Google Earth to reach them to you in few seconds whether it is the Great Wall of China or Sydney Opera House in Australia thousands of kilometers away, not just this learn about the history and other information related to the places you visit. You can always visit 3D cities like Paris, London, Rio, Mumbai or Tokyo, like a billionaire in his helicopter, to explore the urban ambiance and glamour. Or if you have no idea about new and exciting places on Earth, Tour guide is there to aid you in the exploration, go for it and let the joy of discovery fill your mind and soul. Map Gallery in Google Earth is one of the best features brought for your Android device. Find and save maps of all kind with options to add and remove features, which enables you to make maps and use them with different levels of complexity and information suiting your purpose like: create maps indicating recent places you visited, maps showing area of your research study. Identify and save routes of your excursion, view hiking trails, pinpoint pull over points for your trips and lot more. Google Earth maps are updating after limit of time. Recently Google Earth showing past images. 

Google Earth
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