Elite SWAT Killer Latest APK v1.4 for Android Free Download Added on Sep 29, 2016

Name: Elite SWAT Killer Developer: ClassicSWAT APPS Category: Action
Version: 1.4 Updated: Jun 26, 2017 Downloads: 68


Elite Killer free APK has been released by its developers and free download links are available for download. You can enjoy this action game on all over Android devices. You don't need to increase your phone's internal features like RAM, Processor Speed, Storage etc. However you are a well-trained elite member of special weapon and tactics team. Arm yourself with machine guns, sniper rifles and other deadly weapons, you will navigate secret missions across the globe to eliminate terrorists and syndicates that get the way of world peace. In this challenging FPS Elite SWAT Killer, we put some new features such as the laser shooting, zoom in and identify terrorists and realistic weather condition add the new challenges to complete missions. Hold your breath, pull the trigger and let the bullets fly! Leave no SWAT force team behind in this action oriented first person shooter sniper shooting game. Elite SWAT Killer is the most realistic and thrilling FPS game. United with other elite SWAT sniper force to infiltrate a mob of evil syndicates and high-profile targets. Sniper, it’s time to load out your weapons. It comes with HD Graphics. You can play this game on big screens by connecting your mobile. It comes with some brilliant features which we have listed below.

  • Action packed sniper shooting game
  • Free FPS game play
  • Boasting spectacular graphics and cool animation
  • Breathtaking music and sound effects
  • Realistic weather conditions and new challenges added to your missions
  • Complicated situation, hijacked buildings and cross firing
  • Intense battle scene and challenging missions
  • Always available on different app store for free download
  • Easy and simple to play

Elite Killer in small size, so it takes little bit time during download. Now you can get the game from below provided download buttons. If download links are not working or you unable to get the APK just contact us here.

Elite SWAT Killer
68 Installs


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