Death Shooter 2 (Zombie killer) Latest APK v1.2.14 for Android Free Download Added on Sep 02, 2016

Name: Death Shooter 2 (Zombie killer) Developer: ICLOUDZONE GAMES Category: Action
Version: 1.2.14 Updated: Jun 26, 2017 Downloads: 126


Now you can play and enjoy Death Shooter game on your Android devices. You will need to shoot on Zombies for save your shooter life. Death shooter comes with like real reactions. If you will shot on them, blood will fall down like real life. If you will missed the target, zombies will attack on you. So you will need to play this game very carefully if you want to don't lost your soldier. We are sharing free apps only. So you can download app without wasting time and having trouble. Death shooter apk always available on different app stores. You can get it from worlds largest Android app store Google Play. This game has some brilliant features which we have listed below.

  • Simple and easy to play
  • Available for free download
  • Equipment silencer will not be found in few times to killer Enemy .
  • Upgrade magazine to increase capacity and reduce reloads.
  • Upgrade scopes to increase damage and zoom.
  • Upgrade silencer to increase critical.
  • Upgrade levels increase hp max value.
  • Kill NPC before he alert will not spotted.
  • Bomb coming get behind cover will safe.
  • Kill star enemy will get surprise.

Now download the APK free and install it on your phone. This game is totally free and always available on different app stores for download.  

Death Shooter 2 (Zombie killer)
126 Installs


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